Ximin Luo


Ximin is a research engineer at Web3 Foundation working on secure peer-to-peer networking.

Research Areas

Ultimately driven by the desire to see secure scalable and decentralised systems replace today’s existing centralised computing systems that propagate hierarchical power relationships, Ximin’s interests span a wide range of topics including: gossiping protocols, structured and unstructured peer-to-peer routing schemes, coding and secret-sharing schemes, consensus protocols, messaging protocols, decentralised naming schemes, distributed hash tables, verifiable distributed data structures, voting protocols, group authentication and applied cryptography.

He tends to write code and documentation over papers.

Short Bio

Elsewhere Ximin is an active Debian Developer and has contributed to Debian since 2010. Among other responsibilities, he maintains the rust compiler there and helps run the Debian Rust team. He also regularly contributes to many other free software projects.

He previously worked on DFINITY, Reproducible Builds, e2e group chat at MEGA, anti-censorship at Tor, and Freenet. Before all of that he graduated out of Cambridge, UK and was also at Google for a couple of years.

After too much time spent writing Java “design pattern” boilerplate and debugging inane JavaScript runtime errors, he got interested in strongly-typed functional programming languages. These days he prefers writing large secure scalable systems in Haskell or Rust or OCaml. He might get into Agda or Idris some day.